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Header and Footer - start from page [Beitrag #25711] Di, 14 Juni 2016 10:11 Zum nächsten Beitrag gehen
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One of my favorite features in Papyrus Autor is the possibility to choose from which page headers and footers should start. I never saw such a handy solution anywhere else. There is just one thing I miss: I would like to define also on which page headers and footers should stop. Often you don't want headers and footers on the last page, or pages. This possibility would greatly improve an already excellent feature.
Aw: Header and Footer - start from page [Beitrag #25717 ist eine Antwort auf Beitrag #25711] Mi, 15 Juni 2016 06:07 Zum vorherigen Beitrag gehen
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Hi simpleman,

for the time being you can work around this by choosing a different master page ("Stammseite")
to define the layout of the last pages of your document.

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