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Forum Rules [Beitrag #2087] Mi, 24 September 2008 11:31 Zum nächsten Beitrag gehen
Ulli ist gerade offline  Ulli
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This forum is personalized. As a guest, you may read, but you can not write articles in the forum areas.

Only persons we know the name of are allowed to become a member.

This is not meant for collecting adresses (most of the forum members are Papyrus customers, so we know there data, already), but for being polite and friendly with each other.

Anonymous forums are known for derailing into so called "flame wars", pretty often.

Additionally, German law (under which this forum runs) makes the owner of a forum being in duty of what is written, there, regardless of who wrote a bad article. So, we have to care whom is writing, we thank for your understanding.

Have fun with Papyrus and the Papyrus forum

Ulli Ramps

and the Papyrus team of R.O.M., Berlin


Ulli Ramps

R.O.M. Logicware GmbH, Berlin
Re: Forum Rules [Beitrag #2091 ist eine Antwort auf Beitrag #2087] Mi, 24 September 2008 15:22 Zum vorherigen Beitrag gehen
Timotheus ist gerade offline  Timotheus
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Thank you, Ulli, for your lightning fast intervention on behalf of those who don't know enough German to participate to the discussions in German on this forum !
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